Welcome to Decoration Day!

31 years ago, Susan walked into Decoration Day in Larchmont–which then was filled with silks, dry flower arrangements, antiques and decorative accessories. She would come in as a customer and eventually began to make flower arrangements for the owner. The owner used her arrangements for events and loved them so much that she hired Susan. She started working for the owners in 1984 and bought the store with her husband, Jim in 1986.

Old Dec Day 2
Decoration Day back then

Though she still made customized flowers and sold antiques years after she and her husband bought the store she wanted to change it up. In 2000, she took note that Larchmont began changing, in which a younger crowd began to settle in. With that, Susan wanted to update the store. She began consulting and helping customers with their homes and allowed them to bring things home from the store on approval (so they didn’t feel obligated to buy the merchandise if it didn’t fit well in their home). This quickly turned into a full interior design service.

Susan and Jim could see how Decoration Day evolved over the years–from full and packed to having more of a flow–like a show room. In order to make this transition, she had a pop up store around the block to sell the old merchandise while she renovated the new store. In the summer of 2014, Susan showcased her new furniture and merchandise in the updated store.

Decoration Day today
Front of the store

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