Make Your Space Summer Proof


It’s time to get your space ready for this summer season! That’s right—put away the heavy bedding and countless blankets. There’s lots of ways to brighten up your place for the sunny season, but the question is, how do you make it look different? With lots of summer events and weekend soirées, it’s nice to change your home up a little.

Here are some ways to switch from winter/spring to summer:

  1. Lay down an area rug over your regular carpeting or over your oriental to switch it up.
  2. Try a fun, light-colored cow hide in your living room. Maybe under a coffee table.
  3. Use slip covers to spruce up your furniture. Not only will it give you room a new look but it helps protect your furniture too! Something that is popular these days is to put a white slip cover over your furniture during the spring and summer seasons.
  4. Change up the artwork: Replace the painting over the mantel and replace it with something that reminds you of the water. If you haven’t been to the beach in a while, why not have something that reminds you of it?
  5. In with the dark, out with the bright: Change out the pillows for something bright and fun. Use different pallets such as ocean blue, sunny yellow, grass green, hot pink and orange.

Summer is fun, isn’t it?


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