Choosing the Right Patterns For Your Space

larchmont water home

Are you ready to explore patterns and fabrics in your home? If so, read on!

The key to mixing patterns on tiles or wallpaper is to size and scale each pattern. What do I mean by this? Well, for all you starters out there, it’s not as hard as it seems. First things first: Do the patterns have an element that relate to each other? What exactly is your theme to your room? Is the common factor a round shape? A geometric shape? These are things to consider.

Here’s an interesting fact: Years ago, people would mix tiny checks and plaids with florals. Now, these prints are mixed with the herringbone pattern with large-scaled geometrics or florals. Some people think that floral pattern fabrics are out, but the new version (or modernized version) of the the old english flowered chintz is a linen fabric with water color painted flowers.

Now, if you have a smaller room you’re probably wondering what patterns and textures work. There’s good news: sometime’s putting more furniture in a smaller room actually makes it look bigger (or cozy). It’s important to accentuate the hight of the room. If you have windows, hang your window treatments higher than the top of the windows to make the walls look longer.

Home myth: Painting a room darker makes it look smaller.

Home fact: Painting a room darker makes it more dramatic and you don’t pay attention to the size. 

What really makes a room appear smaller is filling it with oversized furniture.


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