Making A Grand Entrance

Photo via Pinterest

We all love to make a grand entrance. Why not incorporate that in your house? The entrance of your home is where you welcome people and give them a glimpse of who you are. It’s (usually) the first part of the interior of your house that people see. The entrance to your house says something about you.

There are some things that you can do to ensure that people will be envious when they walk into your house.

If you have a smaller entrance: Don’t panic! Just because you don’t have more room to work with doesn’t mean that it will be just as beautiful if you were to walk into a grand hall. You can exaggerate your framing with interesting or architectural molding to make it more dramatic.

If you have a bigger entrance: Overhead lights, big mirrors and vases with fresh flowers are just a few of the many details that will make your entrance beautiful. Keep in mind however, that you don’t want to fill the entrance room with so much stuff that it’s overwhelming. Simple can be just as beautiful and unforgettable. You can also put some sort of seating with a fabric or cushion that has a pattern that you can incorporate  throughout your house.

For any type of entrance:

-Having a great (and practical rug) can really give character to the room.

-Paint the walls a color that’s different than the rest of your house. Something that you love and says something about who you are.


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