artwork view
Photo by Decoration Day

October 31st, 2015

Artwork in Decoration Day

Decoration Day has new art!

Painting by Ellen Lazarus
Painting by Ellen Lazarus
Painting by Ellen Lazarus
Painting by Ellen Lazarus

 Ellen Lazarus’ beautiful pantings are now available in Decoration Day. Her work has also been in the Mamaroneck Art Gallery.

Chris Celestino Photography
Chris Celestino Photography
Chris Celestino Photography
Chris Celestino Photography
Chris Celestino Photography
Chris Celestino Photography


October 24th, 2015

Photography vs. Paintings

Photo by Decoration Day

Are you having a hard time choosing artwork for your house? We’ve got you covered with some tips so your room will feel and look complete!

For those of you who are just starting out, choose pieces that you love and remind you of a special moment or a place that you’ve been. It’s a great thing to have a piece of art that looks great in your room but that you can also connect with and feel good. If you’re looking into contemporary art, pick art that speaks to you–whether its the colors or shapes.

If you already have some artwork and you just want to add to the collection, it’s nice to have a cross section with some original art (i.e. water color, print making pieces and even photography).

Art can be tough to mix and match based on the fact that there are so many variations of pieces, but you can mix art more than people would think. The floral painting in the photo above is printed from Florence from a printing company that has been doing this over 200 years. If you look at it, you can see that it blends in very well with the water paintings.

You should always trust your gut when it comes to style. You will know right away if a painting or art piece doesn’t look right–it won’t compliment the room. If your house is more neutral, you have more to work with and can pick any painting, really. If your walls are painted with warm colors (reds, oranges, etc.), you are more limited and should stay away from paintings with cooler colors (blues and greens).

At the end of the day, you should pick artwork that you love and will tell a story when you walk into your room.


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